Litter bin ELES


Design: Ramos Bassols

Dimensions: L 480, W 480, H 870 mm

The litter bin is made of 20/10 thick galvanized and polyester powder coated steel.
The litter bin is obtained by the coupling of two speculare bent sheets “C”. The surface of the litter bin is characterized by a particular texture, called “ELES”. The lid is made of 30/10 thick steel sheet, fixed to the body of the litter bin by 2 three-wings hinge, thick 30/10.

The lid is provided with a universal-key lock. The base of the litter bin, recessed in relation to the main body of mm 40, allows easy cleaning. On the bottom there are 4 holes diameter 12 mm for ground fixing with appropriate bolts (not included);

Optional: ballast concrete.


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