The supporting structure of the MINIMAL bench, dim. 1000x46x h 400, it is made with 40x 40 thick steel tube. 2 mm, covered with two panels of sheet steel 30/10, 2 sturdy “L” shoulders 30 × 50 × 560 mm, th. 50/10 for fixing the slats of

exotic wood treated with water repellent natural oils of dim. mm 40xh60x2000. In addition, at the end of the seat, in the lower part, there are two additional "L" support brackets 30 × 50 x 560 mm, th. 50/10. The fixing to the ground occurs by cementing, below ground level (h 140 mm) on a special fixing plate sp. 80/10 through nr. 4 special anchors (not supplied), or it is also possible to fix it on the ground level with the same system. All metal parts are subsequently cold galvanized and painted with PP powders.

Dimensions (mm): L 2000, P 580, H 450


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