Diam. 170, Diam. base 295, H 345 mm Capacity: 7 L
Weight: 1.8 Kg

The BATTERY container is made of a transparent polycarbonate tube, diam. 170/166; the base (diam. mm 295) is made of shock-absorbing ABS, reinforced by specific thin plates. The tube is assembled to the base on an appropriate location (h 38 mm) with 5 rivets diam. 4 mm or with a special glue. The rounded cap is made of polyethylene and on its top part there is a “butterfly” hole mm 100 x 40. The cap is fixed to the tube by the pressure. It has rings on the external perimeter that make it adhere to the tube.

Inside the tube, at its base, there is a sponge h 20 mm that softens the noise and absorbs possible acid runoffs. The container can be customized placing inside it a semi-transparent serigraphed PVC film or with external stickers.


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