Trash bin CCF 2


Dimensions (mm): 500 x 500 H999
Capacity: 55LT (x2)

The basket mod. CCF 2, two sections, is made of steel sheet sp. 30/10 then cold galvanized and powder coated PP. On the body, by means of laser cutting,
variable-sized carvings are made depicting square/rectangular geometric shapes. The sturdy cover is equipped with side holes for the delivery of waste,
in the upper part of the cover it is possible to apply an ashtray complete with grate for extinguishing the butts, to empty it, it is easy to remove it from its guides that support it and it is secured to the bin by a steel cable. Furthermore, pre-galvanized steel plates 15/10 thickness are applied to the lid, the steel plates can be customized both in color and in the writing that indicates the type of waste to be conferred. The door is equipped with a sturdy spring lock with an aluminum key. The trash bin has inside a steel sheet divider sp. 12/10 useful to contain the bags, these are made of galvanized steel sheet with “teeth” that block the bag. The bottom of the basket is equipped with 4 holes for fixing to the ground by means of M8 plugs (not supplied).

- “THE BREATH” fabric
- Advertising panel with “clip” closing system.
- Personalized writings on the body of the basket obtained by laser cutting
- Ashtray



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