Litter bin CHARM


The body of the basket is made of 1.5 mm thick sheet steel, decorated by laser cutting with the irregular "palm leaf" texture (exclusive texture for the UAE market).

The lid is made of 4 mm thick steel sheet. The closing of the basket is ensured by the spring lock with triangular key. All steel parts are cold galvanized and PP powder coated.

Inside the basket there is a container in sheet steel, equipped with two handles and an elastic band to secure the plastic bag. The base is made of 316 L stainless steel, and equipped with 4/8 holes for fixing to the ground.

Optional: ashtray, which consists of a perforated plate, 15/10 thick, fixed to the basket, with 5 mm holes for extinguishing cigarettes. Three 20 mm diameter holes are used to throw the stubs into a 20/10 thick steel box.

Color of your choice. Dimensions (mm): Ø 455, H 800


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