Litter bin PIXEL 2


Dimensions (mm): Ø 500, H900
Capacity: 60LT (X2)

The PIXEL RECY 2 is made of 15/10 thick zinc-coated and polyester powder coated steel sheet. On the body there are laser cut incisions of variable-sized square/rectangular geometric shapes. Inside the bin there are 12/10 thick steel partitions to contain the waste bags; the bag holders are made of galvanized steel rod of diam. 5mm. The lid of the PIXEL RECY 2 bin is made of 40/10 thick cold galvanized and polyester powder coated steel: it is fixed to the structure with a solid 30/10 thick three wings hinge. On the lid there are laser cutted frameworks made of 15/10 thick zinc-coated steel sheets; the colours and the signs can be customized depending on the kind of waste. The base is raised of 40 mm. It is pre-perforated with rings for ground fixing with suitable bolts (not supplied); this feature makes cleaning easier and the filth at the base of the bin is less visible.

- Lock with triangular key
- rain cover
- ashtray mod. ASH BIN



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