Litter bin RETRO' RECY


The structure of the RETRĂ’ RECY litter bin is made of 20/10 thick steel; the lid is made of 40/10 thick steel. The lid is fixed to the bin by a 30/10 thick solid three-wings hinge; its lock is secured by the spring lock with self-centering triangular key thanks to the appropriate fork. Recycled plastic slats 120 mm are attached to the structure: nr. 6 slats all attached on the long side and nr. 2 slats on the short side.
Inside there is a container made of 6/10 thick zinc-coated polyester powder coated steel with 2 slotted holes that serve as handles. It has an elastic band, diam. 10 mm, to waste bag fastening. All the steel parts are then cold galvanized and polyester powder coated.

Optional: ashtray, made of cold galvanized and polyester powder coated steel with welded perforated net (5-mm holes) for cigarette extinguishing.

Dimensions: L 380, W 600, H 760 mm
Capacity: 120 L


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