LUXURY bench - Salotto Milanese Collection


Dimensions: L 1800, P 550/ 819, H 443/545 mm
Weight: 339 kg

Design: LAND Italia

The supporting structure of the bench is made of tubular with a square section, 40x40 mm, and 40/10 depth steel sheet, the metal parts are cold
galvanized. The structure is secured to the H 90 mm green RAL 6021 colored concrete base (colored with oxides) using 6 M10 "hammer" head screws on special profiles embedded in the concrete, the same fixing takes place for the seat of h 90 mm, also made of white cement with white aggregates.
10/10 depth sheet iron casings are fixed to the structure on which slats are applied, dimensions 40x15 mm, made of light gray recycled plastic, the same slats have various colored recycled plastic aggregates.

- USB socket on galvanized iron slat (code: USB SM).
- Small table made from a galvanized iron support with a white cement disc and white aggregates (Code: TVL SM).


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