Diam. tube 170, Diam. base 295, H 1103 mm
Capacity: 20 L20 L
Weight: 2.9 Kg

The RECY VAPE container is made of a transparent polycarbonate tube, diam. 170/166; the base (diam. mm 295) is made of shock-absorbing ABS, reinforced by specific thin plates. The tube is assembled to the base on an appropriate location (h 38 mm) with a special glue.
The cap a “drip tip” spout shape is made of Polyethylene (PE) and on the top features a hole size 50x30 mm: the cap it is secured to the tube by pressure.
Inside the tube, at its base, there is a sponge h 20 mm that softens the noise and absorbs possible fluid loss. The container can be customized placing inside it a serigraphed PVC film or with external stickers.



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