Dimensions, Capacity, Weight:

CODE A: L 600, W 600, H 1254 mm Capacity 1 x 120/240/360 L
Weight 76.5 Kg
CODE B: L 1200, W 600, H 1254 mm Capacity 2 x 120/240/360 L Weight 139 Kg

CODE C: L 1800, W 600, H 1254 mm Capacity 3 x 120/240/360 L Weight 201.5 Kg

The bin structure is made of 20/10 thick steel, the doors are in 15/10 thick steel.
Inside each section, to prevent waste discharge, there is a 15/10 thick steel “funnel”. The door is reinforced with a 20/10 thick steel “C” bracket. The lid 20/10 thick steel sheet and the bottom are made of 30/10 thick steel sheet. The hinges are made of electric welded M5 pivots.

Optional: ASHTRAY


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