Dimensions: Diam. 496, H 861 mm Capacity: 2 x 60L
Weight: 34 Kg

The RECYBIN, litter bin for recycling, is made of 15/10 thick zinc-coated and polyester powder coated steel sheet. Inside the bin there are 12/10 thick steel partitions to contain the waste bags; the waste bag supports are made by laser cutting a 30/10 thick zinc-coated sheet.

On the waste bag supports there are “teeth” to anchor the bags. The lid of the RECYBIN is made of 40/10 thick cold galvanized and polyester powder coated steel: it is fixed to the structure with a solid 30/10 thick three -wings hinge.

Optional: lock with triangular key.
On the lid there are laser cutted frameworks made of 15/10 thick zinccoated steel sheets; the colours and the signs can be customized depending on the kind of waste.
The base is raised of 40 mm. It is preperforated with rings for ground fixing with suitable bolts (not supplied); this feature makes cleaning easier and the filth at the base of the bin is less visible.


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