Recycling bin DUBY


Dimensions: L 800x W 300x H 1000

The recycling bin DUBY is made of 20/10 galvanized and polyester powder coated steel sheet. The bin is composed of a main steel structure and of no. 2 doors supplied with universal key lock. On the front side, there are no. 3 holes, dia. mm 160. Inside of the main structure, there are three containers, made of galvanized steel, 8/10 thick, capacity: Plastic 50 LT, Paper 50 LT, Aluminium 60 LT.

The writings of the different kind of wastes on the doors surface are made by laser cut, and the coloured plates inside the doors enable to identify the waste more easily. At the base, there are no. 4 holes, 10 mm dia., for ground fixing with suitable bolts (not supplied).

Customizable colours.


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