LUXURY chair - Salotto Milanese Collection


Dimensions: L 480, P 633, H 880 mm
Weight: 106 Kg

Design: LAND Italia

The supporting structure of the chair is made of 40/10 depth sheet steel for the "shoulders", while the fixing plate is 30 mm depth 40/10, themetal
parts are cold galvanized. The structureis secured to the base by means of 4 M8 plugs (ficher).
The base is characterized by the "panettone" shape and the color yellow RAL 1023,the upper part of the baseis made with whitecement, while the lower part, h 90 mm, is in cement colored with oxides. Slats, dimensions 40x15 mm, made of light gray recycled plastic are applied to the structureof the chair, the same slats have various colored recycled plastic aggregates.


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