Litter bin NAVY


The body of the NAVY basket is made of sheet steel th. 20/10, the sheet steel cover, th. 30/10, the door in sheet steel sp. 15/10; The door is equipped with a universal triangular key spring closure.

Inside there is a container made of pre galvanized steel sheet sp. 6/10 powder coated PP., With nr 2 slotted holes that act as handles.

A 10 mm elastic band is attached to the inner container to fix the waste bag. The bottom is made of sheet steel th. 30/10, Fixing to the ground takes place with special dowels (not supplied) or the basket can be

supplied with a CLS vibrato H 50 mm mat. Optional: Can be applied to the side of the basket, by means of 4 M5 screws, a cigarette thrower, the emptying takes place by removing a special metal container made of pre-galvanized steel sheet sp. 10/10. To extinguish the cigarette butts, the cigarette thrower is made with a perforated net (5 mm diameter holes) and n. 3 holes diam. 20 mm for giving the butt in the special internal container.

All the steel elements are subsequently cold galvanized and powder coated with PP.


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