Pole bracket litter bin NEO



Diam. 300, H litter bin 720, tot. H 1020mm Capacity: 35 L

The structure of the NEO pole bracket is made of 20/10 thick steel sheet. The lid is made of 30/10 thick steel sheet and the door of 15/10 thick steel sheet. Inside the door there are 3 supports to strengthen it.

The door has a spring lock with universal triangular key. On the upper part there is container for cigarette-butts; emptying can be done removing a metal container made of 10/10 thick zinc-coated steel sheet. The container is made of a perforated net (5 mm

holes) for cigarettes extinguishing; the inner container has 3 20-mm holes for cigarette butts throwing.
Within there is a waste bag support made of steel sheet Thickness 20/10, strengthened with a border that serves as housing for the elastic rope (diam. 10 mm). The bottom is made of 20/10 thick steel sheet. All the steel parts are then cold galvanized and polyester powder coated.


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